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weCal TV is a collection of howto video's. Each video will show you, for example, step by step how to to use a specific feature within weCal. Tutorial video's are created upon question customers are asking us. Select a howto video from the quick pick or scroll down to see all of the videos.

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weCal instruction video

This video shows you how the iPhone Calendar App weCal works. It guides you through all the available views and features to help explain how weCal works.


This video shows how you can add address-book contacts to appointments made in weCal. It also shows how the app handles confirmations and notifications.

Exporting ICS files

This video shows you how to exchange ICS files between the applications iCal and weCal using weCal services.

Subscribe to weCal

This video shows how you can subscribe yourself to weCal to enable usage of the weCal services.